Observability, because just Monitoring is not enough.

Monitor your AWS serverless infrastructure, troubleshoot errors, get performance & cost insights in real-time.

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Not just serverless, powering observability of 15+ AWS services

All from a single, intuitive, comprehensive dashboard

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A robust set of features

An all-in-one observability platform to monitor AWS resources, debug serverless applications, search logs, and get insightful metrics.

Arch Amazon-Aurora 64

Intuitive user interface

Manage multiple AWS accounts from a simple, user-friendly interface.

Arch AWS-Fargate 64

Track Inventory

Track 15+ AWS resources including Serverless infrastructure.

Arch Amazon-API-Gateway 64

Serverless Monitoring

Get application insights with relevant metrics that help you deliver top performance.

Arch Amazon-CloudSearch 64

Full Text log search

Find relevant logs in a few clicks. Spend minutes, not hours, debugging critical issues.

Arch Amazon-OpenSearch-Service 64

Create custom alerts

Get notifications for events that are important to you, via your favourite tools.

Arch Elastic-Load-Balancing 64

Well-Architected Insights

Detailed reports on your systems’ compliance with guidelines from AWS (Coming soon).

Frequently Asked Questions

KloudMate is a Serverless Observability platform, that offers a revolutionary new way to gain deep visibility into your AWS resources, attain faster insights, or automate problem identification & real-time alerts.

We are currently in the Beta phase, inviting select customers to join the platform and share their experience with us.

Customers who have early access to KloudMate will be able to use it for free during the beta, and receive upto 6 months worth of free usage credits during commercial launch, thereafter.

On commercial launch, our pricing will remain simple and upfront, with subscription plans that suit all kinds of usage patterns.

Signing up for KloudMate takes less than 5 minutes! Click here to follow a step-by-step simple, no-code integration process.

Integration with KloudMate does not require any code change. We do this by getting read-only access to your AWS account via a AWS CloudFormation script. Just follow this link to see how you can integrate your AWS account(s) with KloudMate in less than 5 minutes!

KloudMate currently supports AWS Lambda. We are soon adding support for monitoring other AWS serverless resources such as DynamoDB, SQS, API Gateway, Athena, Elastic Container Service (ECS), Fargate, Aurora, and many others.

KloudMate is an all-in-one Monitoring and Observability tool. With Serverless functionalities at its core, KloudMate also helps with manageability of your cross-region inventory, performance, cost and billing insights, and much more.

KloudMate can prove to be a business critical application for those using the AWS Cloud to deploy their infrastructure and applications.

With KloudMate, your developers can debug applications faster, get meaningful insights and metrics, get critical alarms etc. Issues which can take hours of debugging can be done in minutes using KloudMate.

The platform can also help businesses in improving performance and cost strategies, monitoring cloud resources.

The beauty of KloudMate is that your employees can access crucial information about your Cloud environment, without needing to have access to the AWS Console itself.

In Cloud Computing, observability is about the use of tools to accumulate, correlate and analyse streams of data from a distributed application and its underlying infrastructure. This helps with effective monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging of an application, allowing you to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and business needs. Observability comes packed with features such as the ability to log, monitor, & trace different servers, applications, system and data processes, across the lifecycle of the environment.

Monitoring only helps with regular, pre-configured system health checks, identifying problems and providing on-time, reactive notifications, to fix issues. But, an ‘Observable’ system goes a step ahead and provides you with a deeper understanding into the 'Why' of any system. An Observability platform like KloudMate for Serverless Apps, ensures you don’t just Monitor, but Observe the entire lifecycle of transactions, across several systems. All in a simple, intuitive & comprehensive interface.

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