Observability for your Cloud native applications.

KloudMate is a lot more than serverless monitoring.

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Access your AWS resources in a single dashboard

KloudMate gives you access to your favourite AWS services from a single, intuitive dashboard. No more navigating through innumerous pages on the AWS console.

AWS Inventory in single dashboard

Get visibility of 15+ widely used AWS resources from a single dashboard. KloudMate gives you access to all your AWS resources across regions under one single dashboard, ensuring you have complete visibility of your resources.

This section includes some of the most widely used AWS services, from EC2s to Volumes, S3 Buckets to DynamoDB, to network related information such as VPCs or Elastic IPs, replete with Serverless functions like AWS Lambda!

That's not all. Our billing section gives you a much clearer picture of your cost patterns, spends and billing forecasts for the upcoming months.

Inventory overview

lambda Insights

KloudMate monitors all your Lambda functions and gives you access to metrics, logs and errors.

The system automatically assimilates various performance and usage metrics that allows for quick and effortless analysis. In summary, some of the of the viewable metrics are:

  • Recent invocations & errors

  • Duration & billed duration

  • Memory utilization

  • Cold start metrics

  • Severity of different errors including timeout and crash

Fix issues fast and get back to doing what you do best. Build.

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Full text log search

Find relevant logs in seconds. Kloudmate automatically ingest logs from Cloudwatch Logs without any code change. It aggregates every execution and present the logs to you in a way which is easy to find and look at. You will never go back to Cloudwatch for logs.

What's more, it will automatically parse and show you JSON logs in readable format. You can search logs across multiple functions, narrow down results by date and time range.

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