Your Entire Application’s Health. In a single glance

Quickly monitor crucial metrics, dependencies, and detect anomalies through alarms and issue tracking.

Instantly locate ‘break-points’ in your application development lifecycle, to proactively fix issues.

View service maps for every component in your application, and uncover intricate interconnections and dependencies.

Trace every request and operation, providing detailed visibility into execution paths and performance metrics.

Debug Faster with a 360-degree view

Supercharge debugging speed and precision with a complete system view. Identify and resolve issues faster than ever before.

Centralized Log Management for in-depth analytics of what’s going on.

Whether you’re running on multi-cloud, hybrid or private architecture, access unified Infrastructure Monitoring capabilities to monitor metrics and gather insights into every component of your deployments.

Unleash the power of Distributed Tracing to obtain a comprehensive view of application performance and quickly delve into specific transactions to pinpoint the underlying causes of problems.

Adopt Open Standard

OpenTelemetry enables effortless integrations with your software landscape, extending observability across diverse layers. This also enables interoperability, extensibility, vendor-neutralism and cost-efficiency.

This unified framework collects, analyzes, and interprets data from various sources, providing holistic insights for optimizing performance and user experiences, regardless of your architecture.



Cut through the noise. Create Alarms that matter.

Use multiple dimensions, add math, reduce or condition expressions, and create the most advanced, accurate alerts system for your application. Identify issues before your users do.

Unified Observability, that’s simple & straight forward

Unlock a context-based view with Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces.

Monitor activities, quantify performance, stay updated with real-time events, and map end-to-end journeys for comprehensive insights and streamlined visibility.

Redefine your Observability capabilities.





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