Quick Start Guide

  • Click here to request an early invite. Self-registrations are not up, yet.

  • Upon receiving the invite, fill in the signup form with your details (work email preferred)

Signup Page
Fill up the signup form with a correct email address (work emails are preferred) and choose a password.
  • Check your email for a verification code from noreply@kloudmate.com (Don't forget the spam folder!)

  • Enter the verification code on the KloudMate window and click 'Next'

  • Enter your Organization Name, Account Name and Connect your AWS Account

Add Company Name
Add your Company name. If you add multiple accounts, this will help you identify the AWS account you want to work with.
  • Click on the URL shown below (in Point 1). At this point, you will need to sign-in to your AWS account as an Administrator, if you are not logged in already

Connect AWS Account
On this screen, click on the hyperlink in Point 1. We have created a simple automated process for you to be able to connect your AWS account in the following screens.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions (detailed below) and click on 'Create Stack'

Create Your Stack
Upon clicking on the hyperlink, you will be automatically re-directed to your AWS account, and a stack will be created.
Create Your Stack
Click on Create Stack
  • It may take upto 2 minutes for your ARN Role to be created

  • Once done, copy the ARN Value from the 'Outputs' tab

Copy Your ARN Value
From the "Outputs" tab, copy your unique ARN Value.
  • Paste the ARN on the KloudMate page and click 'Next'

Paste ARN Value
Paste the unique ARN Value on the KloudMate screen and click on Next.
  • And we're done!

Configuration Complete
Your AWS Account is now integrated with KloudMate.