Prevent Application Misbehavior

Enhanced by the Power of OpenTelemetry

Detect Performance Issues & Debug Errors, Before They Impact Your Users

End-to-End Observability

The missing piece in your Observability puzzle.

Gain access to every byte of application and system data, so engineers can monitor, trace and debug your entire stack.

Applications can be Complex by Design

Monitoring them, doesn’t have to be

Observe your microservices for a unified view of your entire stack. Gain unparalleled insights into every layer of your application ecosystem, from frontend to backend, databases to APIs.

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Achieve a Single-Source-of-Truth (SSOT)

Gather data from dispersed systems, and consolidate it with KloudMate. Attain a single source of truth for observability, simplified troubleshooting and analysis.

Say NO to Vendor Lock-ins

Stay vendor-neutral using our OpenTelemetry integration, an open-source observability framework that simplifies data collection and sharing across platforms. It establishes standardized telemetry methods, promoting flexibility & autonomy, freeing you from being tied down to expensive monitoring tools.


Code instrumentation compatibility with a wide array of popular programming languages. Read more in our documentation.



There is a plan for all kinds of usage.

Say goodbye to complex pricing models. With KloudMate, you get simple, usage-based pricing that allows you to pay only for what you need. No surprises - just transparent and predictable pricing.

Our Distinguished Customers

Trusted by Engineers at some remarkable Companies


Real-time Monitoring and Code-level Visibility

Combine the power of OpenTelemetry data with KloudMate's real-time monitoring, to create a robust monitoring solution. Stay on top of your distributed application's performance and take proactive measures to ensure smooth operations.

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